ROYAL OAKS INTERCOLLEGIATE: Where do the Bears get their “pep”?

ROYAL OAKS INTERCOLLEGIATE: Where do the Baylor Bears get their “pep”?

The Baylor Bears Men’s golf team was victorious at the Royal Oaks Intercollegiate Tournament winning the title with a score of 4-under-par 351 in the closing round and a 54-hole total of 31-under 1034. Their fall schedule couldn’t have ended on a more positive note. To add to the excitement, at the beginning of October, coach Mike McGraw was named to the 2016 Golf Coaches Association of America Hall of Fame Class. He will be officially inducted at the GCAA Hall of Fame Reception and Awards Banquet on Dec. 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With such celebrations in progress, it leaves many golfers to wonder, where does this promising team get its “pep”?

History of Dr Pepper and Baylor

It may have all started in December 1885, when Dr Pepper served its first soda. Dr Pepper was formulated in Waco, Texas, the same year the Baylor Bears came to town. Starting in 1953, the Baylor Student Union made a tradition of serving Dr Pepper floats every Tuesday afternoon during the academic school year. Students, staff, and faculty all come together to enjoy this sweet treat. Mrs. Marie Mathis, assistant dean, first organized Dr Pepper Hour for Baylor University. In 1997, Baylor University entered an agreement with Dr Pepper Bottling Co., granting them campus exclusivity, sponsorship and promotional rights for athletic events as the University’s official soft drink. That agreement cemented Dr Pepper’s place as the beverage of choice, and the tradition has been Dr Pepper Hour ever since.

Battle for Pouring Rights

Will Baylor University join the health trend?
Will Baylor University join the health trend?

Soft drink manufacturers are establishing lucrative agreements with universities to sell their brand exclusively. The competitive soft drink market rakes in $54 billion in revenue, pushing beverage makers in a race to solidify students as lifetime consumers. In the battle for “pouring rights” at major universities, schools can benefit from contracts giving them millions of dollars that can be invested into their facilities, scholarship programs, and athletic programs.

The University of California at San Francisco, which specializes in health professions, recently became the first college nationally to stop the sale of sugary beverages on campus. That means no Dr Pepper, or other calorie-laden drinks. The policy only allows diet sodas, zero-calorie drinks, and 100 percent fruit juices to be sold on campus.

Dr Pepper Hour

“It’s Dr Pepper Time!” While Baylor holds its Dr Pepper Hour from 3-4:00 pm on Tuesdays, a promotion on one syndicated radio program during World War II specified the times as being 10, 2 and 4 o’clock. That’s a lot of Dr Pepper! Many college golfers spend approximately 20-30 hours a week honing their golfing skills. Carbonated beverages are not an ideal hydration method when playing golf because they may cause stomach upset. There are times, though, when carbonated beverages may offer up a performance or recovery boost. It remains to be seen, whether the Baylor Bears men’s golf team limit themselves to Dr Pepper on Tuesdays. or if they eventually move to a healthier option!

Many people generally regard soda as an artificial health trap that can pose countless risks on the body. Baylor’s first mascot, a black bear named “College Joe”, was actually taught to drink Dr Pepper from a bottle to the delight of fans. However, this tradition was stopped in the mid-nineties due to concerns of the sugar damaging the bear’s teeth. Like many early sodas, Dr Pepper was originally marketed as a brain tonic and energizing pick-me-up. The “pep” it produced may have something to do with its name, and possibly with the unbridled energy attributed to the Baylor Bears men’s golf team.

The Baylor Bears Mascots are currently enclosed in a hi-tech habitat

Classified Information

With the popularity of Dr Pepper and the recent Baylor Bears victories, it is evident they both have a secret formula. When Dr Pepper says their recipe for success is a “trade secret” they aren’t kidding. Allegedly the blueprint to that addictive pepper taste is kept as two halves in safe deposit boxes in two separate Dallas banks. For the Bears, assistant coach Ryan Blagg said, “Mike (McGraw) has this newfound level of excitement that I don’t think any coach in the country has, and the kids are just feeding off of it,” which sounds like a very good equation for future triumphs!