RORY MCILROY: Putting Lessons for a Pro?

Rory McIlroy Sinks More Putts With Aimpoint Express

Rory McIlroy putts alone, or at least he used to. Known for using mirrors to aid his putting strategy and going it alone, it wasn’t going well this summer. In the July opening round of the PGA Championship, McIlroy took 35 putts, including seven missed putts from 12 feet or closer on his way to four bogeys, zero birdies and an astonishing 74 in that first round. It was definitely his performance on the greens that held him back.

McIlroy finally realized that perhaps his solo strategies weren’t the best and he hired English putting coach, Phil Kenyon. Kenyon utilizes a green reading method called, “AimPoint Express.” AimPoint teaches skills to understand break, speed and aim. This combined with an alignment guide printed on your golf ball, can dramatically improve your golf game.

Recent research out of Columbia Business School indicates that about 40 percent of the strokes Tour pros lose on the greens is due to green-reading errors. (Directional mis-hits account for 40 percent and distance errors for 20 percent.) AimPoint Express was developed out of a more complicated AimPoint method.

Green Reading And Alignment Errors Can Have Unintended Consequences
Green Reading And Alignment Errors Can Have Unintended Consequences

AimPoint Express works by having the golfer stand facing the hole and, using the feelings in his feet, estimates the steepness of the right-to-left or left-to-right slope on a 0 to 7 scale. He holds up that many fingers, with one edge of the extended fingers aligned with the center of the hole. The other edge of his fingers serves as a guide for the putt’s starting line from which the ball will break.

McIlroy’s putting was slightly better at The Barclays, where he tied for 31st with 120 putts (he was ranked 48th in the field in total putts). He acknowledged that it’s going to take time to improve and his goal is to be entirely comfortable with the new stroke by the Masters next spring.

Last week during the second round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, there was even more improvement as McIlroy converted six putts between 10 and 20 feet – more than he made over all four rounds at The Barclays – on his way to a four-under 67 at TPC Boston.

Not everyone can hire Phil Kenyon to improve his or her putting skills. But you can use the strategies of AimPoint Express. Having the right ball makes a huge difference. The ProVictory OPT with its patented alignment system, allows you to visually line up the direction of the putt and to square up the putter face. The directional line and the putter face alignment line work together to provide correct aim and a square hit. It ensures that it will travel on the path determined by Aimport Express methodologies. Better alignment translates into fewer putts and lower scores.