ProVictory OPT Golf Ball Sleeve


ProVictory OPT Golf Ball 3-Pack Sleeve
The Linkswalker ProVictory OPT tour quality golf ball is manufactured to optimize SPIN with maximum DISTANCE. Our golf balls is a three piece, multi-construction golf ball for total performance required by better players. Tour quality also means that the ball is USGA conforming. ProVictory OPT golf balls feature a patented alignment guide that will SAVE you STROKES. Our ProVictory OPT Golf Ball Sleeve includes three tour quality golf balls. Instructions and putting tips are included.

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The Linkswalker ProVictory OPT golf ball is manufactured to optimize SPIN with maximum DISTANCE.

  • Tour Quality Ball conforms to USGA regulations
  • Proven three piece construction with high-energy core
  • DupontTM ion resin allows for optimum performance
  • Soft polyurethane cover preferred by most golfers
  • Super white finish is durable and water resistant
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern allows for flight stability

T-Shot AssistTM

  • Setup accounts for 80 percent of the success of the golf swing
  • T-Shot AssistTM encourages proper alignment and increases accuracy
  • Avoid “swing changes” resulting from improper aiming techniques
  • Reduce the number of slices and hooks

Putt AssistTM

  • Easy to putt and control on the green
  • Putter sweet spot reference line promotes square impact
  • Improves stroke path for perfect putt
  • Don’t waste good strokes with improper alignment