Easy Putting System


Improve putter alignment and aiming with the four piece Easy Putting System from LinksWalker. Putts that strike the “Sweet Spot” will go in 99% of the time!

Use the “Sweet Spot” disc alone to refine your putting skills. Practice putts that strike the “Sweet Spot” will go in a regulation hole 99% of the time!

Aiming at a smaller target when you putt is more effective than aiming at a regulation size hole. Repeated use of the “Sweet Spot” of the hole, will dramatically improve your skill and confidence.

Eliminate putts per round by practicing with the Easy Putting System. SAVE STROKES, or your money back!



Easy Putting System Includes:

  • “Sweet Spot” magnetic putting disc
  • LinksWalker golf “doughnut” cover ring
  • Convenient backstop flag
  • Ball marker

Using the Easy Putting System:

The “Sweet Spot” of the golf hole is the center portion of the hole, where a putt will drop in the hole 99% of the time. The LinksWalker “Sweet Spot” is a magnetic putting disc 2 ½ inches in diameter – that represents the “Sweet Spot” of the golf hole.

Sweet Spot Magnetic Disc

To add realism to the practice of striking the “Sweet Spot”, we have included the LinksWalker Golf Doughnut that goes around the “Sweet Spot” that is the size of a regulation golf hole. This gives the golfer the ability to aim at the “Sweet Spot” and see the regulation size hole.

LinksWalker Doughnut Ring

A flag is included in the Easy Putting System that can be inserted around the “Sweet Spot” to catch the ball – increasing the difficulty and realism of the putt.

Easy Putting System Backstop Flag

Our unique magnetic putting disc “captures” the ball marker as you drop it into your pocket. No more searching in your pocket looking for a ball marker. When the ball marker is placed in the center of the “Sweet Spot”, it stays in position floating in the center.

Magnetic Putting Disc Captures Ball Marker

The alignment aid on the back of the “Sweet Spot” can aid you in lining up your putt.

Use the alignment guide to improve your putting accuracy