Toil and Trouble? Halloween Tournament Tips



Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to have a FRIGHTENINGLY good time on the course, than to host a SPOOK-tacular Halloween themed golf tournament? Planning a tournament increases participation, raises funds and builds awareness in the community. It doesn’t have to be a GHOULISH process; here are our top tips for pulling off a successful Halloween themed golf tournament.

  1. Format – The format you choose will affect the number of players you attract, the time it takes to complete the round, and the amount of fun your players have. Time is a critical element, so you’ll want to review a variety of formats and choose the one that best suits your tournament goals. Hell Day, Graveyard Golf, Halloween Golf, Night Golf and Pumpkin Golf are popular formats for Halloween Tournaments.
  2. Sponsorships – Selling sponsorships is the best way to acquire the commitment that will lead to a successful event. Sponsorships should be developed between the tournament and local businesses. Design various levels of sponsorship and sell as many as you can. It is imperative your sponsors feel that they are getting their money’s worth.
  3. Fundraiser – You can encourage participation by making your Halloween tournament a fundraising event. Find a local cause everyone can get behind and raise money to benefit that cause. People like feeling good about what they’re doing. Your fundraising team can ask participants and supporting businesses, “Trick or Donation?” Pretty simple.
Halloween Mulligan Cards (Set of 10 Designs) - Available FREE With Purchase During October 2016
Halloween Mulligan Cards (Set of 10 Designs) – Available FREE With Purchase During October 2016
  1. Themes – Halloween can actually be a broad category. You can narrow the field by working within a particular theme. A pirate theme is easy and fun, and can be achieved with small accessories like costume beads, Buccaneer hats and mini flags. You can even challenge golfers to a one-eyed, eye patch game. The winner gets a chest of pirate booty and the loser walks the plank!
  2. Costumes – It can be tricky to play golf in costume, so it’s best to reserve the costumes for staff and anyone else not actually playing. If you really want to encourage costumes, consider planning around a particular theme that would require subtle accessories.
  3. Contests – Contests during your tournament will keep your participants interested and looking forward to the next hole. Try to have at least one contest per nine holes and make certain to reward your winners with a prize. If you have a number of ladies playing in your event, make sure to include separate contests for them. Hosting a golf cart parade is another contest that participants and the local community are sure to enjoy. Imagine a slow moving procession of golf carts festooned with streamers, signs, banners, cobwebs, ghosts, skeletons, lights and all sorts of Halloween décor. If possible, plan the route through your city’s downtown area. Award a cash prize for the most creative golf cart.
  4. Mulligan Cards – Our Halloween Mulligan Cards are great for tournament goodie bags. Players can give them to each other, or save them for themselves! Professionally printed cards are available free with purchase during the month of October 2016.
  5. Halloween Handouts Themed T-shirts, candy, pumpkins, candles or Halloween golf balls are great handouts, prizes, raffle items, and upsells for your Pro Shop. LinksWalker carries a selection of Halloween Golf Balls that are available to Pro Shops at wholesale prices; contact us for more information.

Halloween Tournaments might be in your BLOOD! Use these tips to plan a safe and scary tournament for your golfers. Happy Halloween from LinksWalker!

Halloween Golf Balls From LinksWalker