Golf’s Most Iconic Beard Falls To Superstition

Graham DeLaet's Beard Falls To Superstition

This summer, after taking a small break, Graham DeLaet returned to golf. But something was noticeably missing – his iconic beard. DeLaet shaved the beard and it may have been the worst thing he could have done, since it turns out, that beard was his lucky charm. Since shaving the beard, DaLeat’s game has taken a hit. Come to find out, there are many superstitions in the golf world. Here are a few more.

Some players believe ball markers of particular colors bring luck.

Have you ever noticed Tiger Woods wearing a red shirt for the final round? His mother once told him red was a power color, and he started wearing them on Sundays. Now he always wears the hue during the final match of any tournament. It appears to have worked in his favor and has become known as “Victory Red.”

Ball markers bring out the luck for some players, whether it’s coins from a particular year or state that come into play. Chi Chi Rodriguez will only use a quarter to mark his birdie putts, a buffalo nickel for eagle putts and if luck doesn’t appear to be on his side, he’ll switch to a gold coin. Paul Azinger marks his ball with a penny that is always heads-up and facing the hole.

Lucky numbers have been around for a long time. Lucky number three is the most popular. Tom Weiskoff never golfs without three tees and three coins in his pocket. Jack Nicklaus also plays with three coins in his pocket.   Ever since the masters introduced the Wednesday afternoon par-3 contest, not one player who has won that event has gone on to win the Masters in the same week. That has led some players who are in contention to throw their game on purpose, believing it might help them win the Masters.

Ball Markers Can Be Lucky Charms

No matter where you find your luck, picking something that works for you is all that matters. That’s how these things come about. You do something once and have the game of your life and so you figure you’d better try it again on the next round. As long as the streak continues, it must be lucky!