Furyk Shoots 58 At Travelers Championship

Furyl Shoots 58 at Travelers Championship

On Sunday, Jim Furyk did what no other golfer has been able to do in PGA history. He shot a 58, which is the lowest score ever recorded at a PGA event.This is the second time Furyk has broken 60 on Tour, following up on the 59 he shot at the 2013 BMW Championship.

Furyk is most noted for his putting ability, and his performance at the Travelers Championship did not disappoint. On the 18 hole course, he made 12 one putts. Some may ask, how does he do it?

In the past Furyk has used Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball, Odyssey Backstryke Sabretooth, Odyssey White Hot #7 and Yes! Sophia putters. However, he espouses spot putting and alignment guides as two of the secrets to his success.

Spot putters concentrate on rolling (not hitting) the ball over a location about 6 inches in front of the ball. Furyk uses this spot for alignment, even though he still visualizes the whole putting process.

In addition to spot putting, Furyk employs a simple straight line on his golf balls to improve accuracy and aiming. He instructs golfers to point the line directly at the target when you putt. The line should roll end over end and not wobble. By watching the line as the ball rolls, it will give you valuable feedback on the success of your putt.

While he also advises training with alignment sticks, they can not be used on the course during a tournament. That is why having an alignment guide on your ball is so important. It is the only training aid that is legal during play.

Without proper alignment, hitting a good putt will only happen with a mis-hit or through body compensation. If a golfer needs a flaw in his technique to hit a good shot, how can he expect to improve? This is why spot putting and proper alignment become so important.

Furyk was able to shoot 58 because he putted 5 less times than the rest of the field in that round. That is turning a 63 into a 58, where history was made. Putting is where we can all shave strokes off our round to shoot our best score.

Jim Furyk Is An Advocate Of Spot Putting
Jim Furyk Is An Advocate Of Spot Putting
Some Divot Tools Come With Alignment Templates For Adding Your Own Lines To Golf Balls
Some Divot Tools Come With Alignment Templates For Adding Your Own Lines To Golf Balls
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