FORE The World’s Best Dad! Father’s Day Golf Balls

Father's Day Golf Balls

Father’s Day Golf Balls

You rarely need an excuse to give a golfer a present! Father’s Day is just one of the holidays for which golf balls make great gifts. LinksWalker has a wide selection of fun, novelty-themed holiday golf balls to mark the occasion.


NCAA Golf Balls

NCAA College Logo Golf Ball
NCAA Collegiate Golf Balls

NCAA collegiate golf balls are another unique gift option for Father’s Day. Spoil the golfer in your life by supporting their favorite college team. LinksWalker features more than 150+ college emblems in their line of ProVictory OPT tour quality golf balls. Available in different quantities, you’ll find they are reasonably priced for a three-piece construction, USGA conforming golf ball.

Custom Golf Balls

Your Logo Here - Custom Golf Ball Design
Custom Golf Ball Design

Shopping for several people? Consider ordering customized golf balls from LinksWalker. They feature your favorite graphics, words, names and phrases. Whatever you can imagine! Wouldn’t you enjoy handing out golf balls at your next family reunion featuring your family’s coat of arms? Keep in mind, you generally need to order customized golf balls in advance because it takes time to coordinate the artwork and printing. Custom golf balls result in a one-of-a-kind golfing experience. It ensures your favorite golfer has something truly personal to remember you by whenever they are playing golf.

Patented Alignment Guide

All LinksWalker ProVictory OPT golf balls feature a patented alignment guide whether you choose a holiday-themed, NCAA or custom designed golf ball. The alignment guide allows you to visually line up the direction of the putt and to square up the putter face. It is a valuable aid whenever you are putting or driving the ball. Implementing LinksWalker’s patented alignment guide will SAVE YOU STROKES.

Picking out the perfect gift for a golfer on Father’s Day may have seemed impossible before, but with these great golf balls from LinksWalker you are sure to find the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Stop by for the ultimate in golf gifts!