FLORIDA GATORS GOLF NEWS: Sam Horsfield Receives Honors

Sam Horsfield Honored: PING and Golfweek All-America Lists

flg-lwpvSam Horsfield, a freshman at the University of Florida, received honors this July by being recognized on the PING and Golfweek All-America lists. This is just the most recent of his achievements; in June he received the Phil Mickelson Award as college golf’s top freshman.

Horsfield moved with his family from Manchester to the US at the early age of 5. He is quoted as saying, “The European lifestyle is to turn pro at a very young age, Rory McIlroy did it and a lot of good people did it. But I grew up in America, played a lot of my tournaments here, so I felt like it was best for me to go to college and play however many years it is, learn, become a better player. I just felt like it would be good for my game and my personality.”

Horsfield is the first freshman in four decades to register three wins in a season for the University of Florida’s acclaimed golf program. The University is proud to have Horsfield enrolled in their student body, and looks forward to several more years of victories for the men’s golf team.

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