Ever wonder what your caddy says about your golf game after you leave? See if any of these funny caddy quotes could be you or just get a “Fairway Fun” laugh on us!

  1. Why does he always carry three pounds of water balls in his bag?
  2. I wish he’d stop buying those annoying iron head covers.
  3. I’ve seen better strokes in intensive care.
  4. He complains that I keep checking my watch; it is actually a compass.
  5. His golf game is so bad he had to have his ball retriever regripped.
  6. He has a great short game. Unfortunately, it’s off the tee.
  7. If he tries drowning himself in the water hazard, he should keep his head down.
  8. He bought a new putter after finding out the old one didn’t float.
  9. Does he know fairways come with the greens fee?
  10. He’d SAVE more STROKES by using ProVictory’s alignment guide, than by using an eraser.

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