FAIRWAY FUN: 10 Golf Ball Facts

FAIRWAY FUN: 10 Golf Ball Facts

From its first incarnation, when golf involved hitting a stone with a stick, the ball has evolved to allow players to get the most out of their swing and stay competitive at all levels of the sport.

We’ve compiled a list of ten fun facts about the humble golf ball that will show you it is more complex than it may seem.

  1. Americans spend $600 million on golf balls every year.

  2. Golf balls were originally made of wood, first appearing during the 14th century.

  3. The dimples in the cover are designed to reduce wind resistance.

  4. Heavy golf balls travel farther, but that doesn’t mean you have more control.

  5. Roughly 125K balls are hit every year into the water surrounding TPC Sawgrass’ 17th hole.

  6. Hollow balls are used primarily on the driving range and are not allowed on the PGA Tour.

  7. Repeatedly striking a ball will permanently change its shape.

  8. When golf balls get cold, they can lose a few miles per hour in ball speed.

  9. USGA conforming golf balls have a max distance of 317 yards when hit with a 120 mph swing.

  10. Using LinksWalker ProVictory’s patented alignment guide will SAVE you STROKES on the golf course!

The LinksWalker ProVictory OPT golf ball is manufactured to optimize SPIN with maximum DISTANCE, while increasing accuracy by encouraging proper aiming techniques through use of our patented alignment guide.

The LinksWalker ProVictory OPT golf ball is available in multiple sizes, all featuring the alignment guide.

  • Tour Quality Ball conforms to USGA regulations
  • Proven three piece construction with high-energy core
  • DupontTM ion resin allows for optimum performance
  • Soft polyurethane cover preferred by most golfers
  • Super white finish is durable and water resistant
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern allows for flight stability
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