Face On Putting: YIPS Stratagem Poses Alignment Challenges

YIPS Strategy Poses Alignment Challenges


A new golf rule went into effect January 1st that prohibits anchoring of the club in making a stroke. While long putters and belly putters are not prohibited themselves, anchoring them to the body is. This was unfortunate for those suffering from the YIPS, as this was a go-to strategy. Golfers began looking for alternatives and a new strategy entered into play – Face-On Putting (sometimes called sidesaddle putting) – the latest golf phenomenon since the rule went into effect.

Face-on Putting

Face-on putting is effective in dealing with the YIPS because only the shoulder joint is moving in the stroke. The face-on shoulder position allows you to swing the club in a straight line, like a pendulum, with absolute freedom. This method removes wrist action from the picture, since the wrists and adjoining muscles are the primary culprit of the YIPS. The simple nature of this technique reduces the likelihood of tremors.

Alignment Complications

parallaxWhile it helps remedy the YIPS, face-on putting introduces new alignment problems due to the parallax effect. With face-on putting you use binocular vision (both eyes) which gives you better alignment because you are facing the hole. However, because the ball is to your side, there are still perceptual errors. Faulty visual perception causes the golfer to subconsciously push the ball more to the right, which causes alignment challenges.

Using a putting gate during practice is helpful for aligning yourself, however according to the Rules of Golf, using a training aid such as a putting gate will result in disqualification during tournament play. The other option is to use the ProVictory OPT golf ball – it is the only legal training aid allowed on the course during play. The patented alignment guide helps correct the parallax effect when face-on putting. Use the Putt AssistTM logo printed on the ball to ensure you are properly aligned and square to your target every time. Using the Pro Victory OPT golf ball will diminish perceptual errors and your alignment will improve every time you putt!

So if you suffer from the YIPS and are looking to try face-on putting, incorporate an alignment guide like the ProVictory OPT golf ball to improve your accuracy for optimum performance.