DON TRAHAN: Search For The “Sweet Spot”


Neophytes to golf often feel like they’ve been sent on a fool’s errand when they are told to find the “sweet spot”. The “sweet spot” isn’t a mystical location known only by pro golfers, but rather an attainable goal that you can achieve if you follow a few instructions.

The “sweet spot” is the exact point on your clubface where, when you make contact with the ball, the center of gravity of the golf club is moving directly towards the center of gravity of the golf ball. It is considered “sweet” when these two points are aligned properly because it provides the optimal energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball.

Finding the “Sweet Spot” on your Putter

It is not too difficult to find the “sweet spot” on a perfectly weighted putter. It is in the absolute center, both vertically and horizontally, of the putter face. Any ball struck from this spot will have maximum feel and maximum accuracy. Suppose, you hit that last putt perfectly, but still it went off your planned trajectory. What happened? Chances are, your putter isn’t perfectly weighted, so your sweet spot may be slightly to the left or right of the center.

Don Trahan and Leo van Bennekom of Swing Surgeon Golf put together a great video on finding your putter’s sweet spot. Here are the steps they recommend.

How to find the sweet spot on an imperfect putter:

  1. Dangle your putter halfway from the top of the shaft in the air.
  2. Begin tapping the face of your putter with your finger.
  3. Work your way back from the toe to the heel; it will begin to twist.
  4. As you approach the center, the twisting will stop – it will swing back and forth.
  5. This is your “sweet spot”.

If you are still making mis-hits, check your wrists to make sure they are steady and that you aren’t using your arms. The use of your arms in your putting stroke contrasts with a deliberate rocking motion of your shoulders to lead your stroke.

Finding the “Sweet Spot” on your Driver

Now that you know how to find the “sweet spot” on your putter, how about finding the “sweet spot” on the driver?

Everyone knows drivers have changed dramatically over the last hundred years, including the switch from wood to metal materials for shafts and clubheads. These changes affect how players hit the ball, and over the years, the “sweet spot” on drivers has moved from the center of the clubhead – upwards.

Finding the “sweet spot” on your driver requires a little bit of work, but nothing too ambitious. Start by using an erasable marker and drawing a circle of the ball. You need to hit a number of balls that strike this spot, so align the ball on the tee so that it faces your clubface. After completing each drive, check the clubface for residue from the marker to see where you made contact. When you make a square impact, the mark will be high. The “sweet spot” is always going to be above the center of the clubface, no matter which brand you use. Take note of this location, it is your “sweet spot”.

Clay Ballard of Rotary Swing Golf Instruction explains in the video below, that sometimes, the “sweet spot” will move on your driver depending on the shot. Whether you make an ascending blow, or you are making an inside/outside swing, the “sweet spot” on your clubface may move. View the video to see how different setups may affect your “sweet spot” location.

Improving your Alignment

If you know the location of your sweet spot, and you are still having difficulty making a square impact, consider improving your alignment. LinksWalker ProVictory OPT golf balls feature a patented alignment guide designed to increase your accuracy. We crossed a directional line, our logo, and an additional guideline to create an alignment guide right on the ball. This guide gives you the ability to align the edge of your clubface with the guide. You will know instantly if you are aimed correctly and your clubface is square. As you hit the ball through the stroke you will have a new focus point for which to aim. Watch the video below to learn how to use the alignment guide. Knowing your “sweet spot” location and arming yourself with alignment technology, will end the elusive hunt for a low golf score!