COLLEGE MASCOTS: Creative Thanksgiving Helpers


College mascots are known for cheering their teams on to victory, and that’s just what they can do for you on Thanksgiving. Holiday dinners are ambitious events to organize that require balancing opposing personalities, strategizing sitting arrangements, and catering to special diets. You’ll need all the help you can get. This is a list of the top mascots to invite to dinner and how they can help make your family gathering a night to remember. 

Boomer and Sooner of the Oklahoma Sooners

If god really wanted man to fly, he would have made it easier to get to the airport! That’s where Boomer and Sooner come into play. The two white ponies will gladly pull their covered wagon and pick everyone up just in time for the kickoff.

Mike The Tiger of LSU

Have so many guests, you don’t know what to do? Send them to Mike’s for Thanksgiving Dinner! His habitat ranks among the largest and finest tiger preserves in the country and was recently expanded from 2,000 to 15,000 square feet. He starts every meal by giving thanks – “Let us PREY…”

Herky the Hawk of the Iowa Hawkeyes

Until Amazon perfects its drone delivery service, Herky the Hawk is the next best thing! He’s known for Herculean tasks, so he’ll gladly deliver last minute ingredients for that hot apple pie.

BEVO of the Texas Longhorns

If you want to name drop at dinner, this bovine mascot is the one to invite. He’s attended two presidential inaugurations, met a ton of celebrities and starred in a movie. He’ll STEER you in the direction of movers and shakers.

Funniest Mascot Bloopers

Osceola of the Florida State Seminoles

Start Thanksgiving Dinner off right. Have Osceola show up with his horse Renegade and plant a burning spear in your front yard, just like he does for every home game.

Brutus Buckeye of the Ohio State Buckeyes

Concerned you’ll be everyone’s topic of conversation, and not in a good way? Invite Brutus, he really is a NUT.

Butch T. Cougar of the Washington State Cougars

Have some wee ones protesting your Brussels sprouts? Let Butch take care of it. One time, he made quick work of some offensive protesters on campus by riding around them on a skateboard. Kids tend to behave PURR-fectly for him.

Uga of the Georgia Bulldogs

Uga is great at making table scraps magically disappear. He’s also good at clearing dishes (and guests) at the end of dinner – he has the perfect look that says, “But you always allow me on the table when company isn’t here?”

Big Al of the Alabama Crimson Tide

Big Al is already coming. You can’t stop him; there is always an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM at every family gathering.

The Fighting Duck of the Oregon Ducks

The Fighting Duck is always full of holiday SPIRIT(s). But be forewarned, the inspiration for the Fighting Duck was Donald Duck and he was banned from Finland for not wearing any pants. It might run in the family!

Cocky the Fighting Gamecock of the South Carolina Gamecocks

Need some after dinner entertainment for your great uncles? Invite Cocky; just don’t bet against him, he’s a multi-year winner of the National Mascot of the Year award.

Tusk of the Arkansas Razorbacks

Are your kids cringing at the thought of good-bye kisses from grandma? Invite a stand-in. Tusk has been trained to give kisses and he’s very courteous. When BEVO was diagnosed with cancer, Tusk sent him flowers. Grandma will love him.

Sam the Minuteman of the UMass Minutemen

The last, but possibly most important invitee, is Sam. If your family is like many of the families across this great nation, you may need to call in reinforcements while you play referee. Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!