Chi Chi Rodriquez Charity Classic

LinksWalker is a proud sponsor of the Chi Chi Charity Classic

LinksWalker is a proud sponsor of the Chi Chi Charity Classic. Approximately 25% of all money spent at the Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf Course goes directly to educational programming, which helps benefit children who struggle with low academic achievement and poor personal skills, as well as supporting The First Tee of Clearwater.

chi_chi_kit_contentsThe Putting Contest

On November 13-14, 2016, LinksWalker sponsored a Putting Contest at the annual Chi Chi Charity Classic. Each contestant was given a customized tournament golf ball printed with Chi Chi’s trademark hat and LinksWalker’s patented alignment guide. This was no ordinary putting contest; players were coached on how to use the guide for a competitive advantage. They then competed for the lowest accumulative score at three unique putting cups, each with an increasing challenge of distance and read. At the end of the day the winner was awarded a dozen golf balls and every player went home with a commemorative coin and golf ball. Holding a putting contest added interest and intrigue to Chi Chi’s yearly tournament, golfers left with handouts that they are sure to keep. 

Putting contests are an excellent form of advertising and a great way to raise money for charity. Contests are usually played before a major tournament event, during registration. They are a great way for golfers to loosen up a bit and have some fun trying to outshine each other with their putts. The buy-in for these events is usually $5 or $10. If players want to play again, let them purchase another scorecard.

Look for sponsors to cover some of your set-up costs, offer them advertising on giveaways in return for their donations. Find willing vendors to donate prizes. It’s a win-win for them as they get exposure of their brand and you incur fewer costs.

Putting Contest Variations

We used a simple three-hole format for the Chi Chi Charity Classic, however, there are a number of different formats that are quite popular. One strategy for determining your format is your number of prizes. Here are a couple options.

Many Small Prizes – One Hole Format
If you have a lot of prizes to give away, set one hole up about eight to ten feet in length. If the number of prizes available is somewhat limited, set the length anywhere up to twenty feet. Players get one putt, no practice putts are allowed. Any player sinking that putt is awarded a prize. A sleeve of three golf balls makes a good prize, especially if they are printed with a sponsor’s logo. The downside to this “One-Hole” competition is that you could have a long line of players waiting to putt.

Limited Large Prizes – Two Hole Format
In a two-hole putting contest, the prizes are usually much larger. The competition is set up with the first hole being ten to twelve feet long and the second hole at forty to fifty feet. The first hole is used as the qualifying hole. Each player has one putt on that hole, no practice putts are allowed. If the player sinks that putt, he or she qualifies to move onto the longer hole. Again, the player has only one putt. The winner of the competition and prize money is the player whose ball goes into the hole with that one putt.

Fundraising – Six Hole Format

If fundraising is your goal, this format might be your best option. A six-hole putting contest has the advantage that many players can be on the green at the same time. There will only be a few, if any, players waiting to start at the first hole. Six holes can be played in ten to fifteen minutes. Because players are in this competition longer than the one and two-hole formats, it is generally more popular. More fundraising dollars are possible because players have the opportunity to buy additional rounds.

Contest Insurance

It is not likely, but possible, that two or more players might lay claim to your prize money. This is where having contest insurance comes into play. Regardless of the putting contest format, coverage works the same way. Prior to the contest, the tournament director or sponsor will purchase putting contest insurance coverage. The premium is based on the type of putting contest, the number of participants, the length of the putt and the value of the prize. If someone makes the grand prize winning putt, the putting contest coverage kicks in and the insurance company writes a check to the contest sponsor or organizer to pay for the prize.


In order to increase your brand awareness, consider putting your logo or that of the charity you’re supporting on the golf balls that will be used during the putting contest. You can also entice sponsors by giving them the opportunity to feature their logo on tournament balls, commemorative coins and even scorecards.

LinksWalker Putting Contest Kit

LinksWalker offers unique tournament kits to get you started on your putting contest. Our kits combine a traditional putting contest with an innovative alignment guide printed directly on the tournament-provided ball. The five-part kit offers a great way to increase sponsor participation, revenue and visibility. The LinksWalker putting contest kit will add more excitement for participants as golfers compete to show their skills. Contact Us


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