Charles Dickens and Golf Instruction

Most Altruistic Golf Guiding Spirits

Charles Dickens introduced a number of powerful guiding spirits to Ebenezer Scrooge late one Christmas Eve. “A Christmas Carol” tells the story of his transformation into a kinder and gentler man after being visited by a series of apparitions. Like Scrooge, golfers can be inspired to improve their game with influential guides. This is a tribute to some of the best golf instructors Past, Present, and Yet To Come; not only for their devotion to golf instruction but also for their charitable causes.


Guiding Spirit of the Past – Harvey Penick

The late Harvey Penick is one of the most beloved instructors of all time; not only did he make an impact on golf, but he also influenced his community as well. Every year, Caritas of Austin issues the Harvey Penick Humanitarian Award in recognition of community involvement, charitable works and remarkable traits of outstanding citizenship. Penick continues to be a “guiding spirit” even after his death. In 2005, the Harvey Penick Golf Campus was launched. It is owned and operated by The First Tee of Greater Austin, which is dedicated to providing young people with educational programs to build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

Guiding Spirit of the Present – Michael S. Breed

Golf Magazine selected Breed as a Top 100 Instructor in America in 2003. More accolades followed with nominations from Golf Digest and the PGA in 2011 and 2012. Most people are familiar with Breed as a television host on the Golf Channel that teaches course management and how to correct common swing flaws. Breed has been placed on our list of “Golf Guiding Spirits” not only for his pedagogical approach to golfing, but also for his involvement in charities such as The First Tee, Folds of Honor, Hope for the Warriors, Wounded Warriors Foundation and Salute Military Golf Association.

Guiding Spirit of Yet to Come – Bobby Clampett

Bobby Clampett is an American television golf analyst, golf course architect, writer, and professional golfer, who played on the PGA Tour from 1980 to 1995. Clampett began playing on the Champions Tour in April 2010. Recently he has launched Impact Zone Golf, which offers options for private instruction, golf schools, on-course playing instruction and even online instruction. Bobby is committed to charitable causes through his work with: Sara E. Clampett Trust through NC Community Foundation, Kids Across America Foundation, The First Tee Monterey County, Children’s Flight of Hope Inc., The First Tee, ITP International Search Ministries Inc., and Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina Inc.

Not All Partners are Jacob Marleys

Instructors are not the only charitable individuals in golf. Pro golfers such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Arnold Palmer and Bubba Watson all participate in philanthropic activities as well. The PGA also does its share of fundraising for non-profits. The vast majority of the Tour’s 100+ events are non-profit organizations that donate to more than 2,000 organizations, including hospitals, youth programs and food banks. The HP Byron Nelson Championship and the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am each have exceeded $100 million in giving.

LinksWalker Golf Guide

While this article deals mostly with golf instructors, it is important to note that there are many kinds of guides in golf. LinksWalker manufactures a USGA Conforming golf ball that has a patented alignment guide printed directly on the golf ball. We crossed a directional line, our logo, and an additional guideline to create an alignment guide that is guaranteed to improve your accuracy. LinksWalker is proud to be a sponsor of the Chi Chi Charity Classic–approximately 25% of all money spent at the Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf Course goes directly to educational programming which helps benefit children who struggle with low academic achievement and poor personal skills, as well as supporting The First Tee of Clearwater.

The Final Stave

It might be said that poor aim and alignment are akin to Dicken’s personification of Ignorance and Want as ghastly children. Abandoning aim and alignment will surely lead to ruin, a quality golf game requires instruction from a proper golf guide. Whether you opt to train with a golf instructor or use LinksWalker’s patented alignment guide, be thankful for the “Guiding Spirits” in your life who have made you who you are.

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