Blame Sand Traps On The Sheep

Blame Sand Traps On The Sheep - How A Wooly Mammal Changed The History Of Golf

Sand traps can cause great woe for the golfing enthusiast. How is that these troublesome obstacles came to be the bane of existence for many golfers?

The Sheep Story

The first documented sand traps were at St. Andrews, on the windswept isle of Scotland, in a pasture where sheep would graze. The sand traps were created by sheep digging holes in order to find shelter from the prevailing winds.

When the land was repurposed for golf, it was often cost prohibitive and required too much maintenance to repair the course once the sheep used it for shelter. Hence the locals took advantage of the disturbed terrain and fashioned sand traps from the holes.

St. Andrews developed their golf greens to maximize the sand trap’s threat to golf shots. Hence, sand traps came to be named hazards in the Rules of Golf. Later on in golf course design, architects would place these insidious traps so as to penalize wayward shots. One course, Whistling Straits, estimates they have 1,000 sand traps. Now that’s bunkers!

Sand Trap Solutions

Clearwater Golf Pro, Dick Caverly, recommends three easy steps to escape a sand trap.

STEP 1: Choose The Right Club

Invest in a good sand wedge that has the correct amount of bounce (10° – 14°) and loft (54° – 56°).

STEP 2: The Right Set Up

Set up with a clubface in the open position and keep it open throughout your swing.

STEP 3: The Swing And Follow Through

Focus on a spot 2” behind the ball, then swing and accelerate through the ball.

If you want to reduce your frustration level as well as your golfing score, spending some time with your local Golf Pro is time and money well spent.

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spacer  Sheep Played An Important Role In The Evolution Of Sand Traps Sheep Played An Important Role In The Evolution Of Sand Traps

Sand Traps Are Often The Bane Of Existence For Many Golfers Sand Traps Are Often The Bane Of Existence For Many Golfers

Pro Victory Golf Balls With Patented Alignment GuidePro Victory Golf Balls With Patented Alignment Guide