Is A Faulty Golf Swing A Bad Thing?

How To Correct A Faulty Swing With Proper Alignment

How To Correct A Faulty Golf Swing With Proper Alignment

When I watch inexperienced golfers hit the golf ball I find that they are usually misaligned to their target. This means that they must have a flaw in their swing in order to hit the ball on target. If you need a flaw in your swing to hit a good shot, how can you expect to improve? This is why proper alignment off the tee is so important in the golf swing.

Typically, inexperienced golfers aim too far to the right of their target. Your eyes work best from behind the target with your eye-line level with the horizon, and not when you are positioned side-on to your target. Faulty visual perception causes the golfer to subconsciously pull the club to the left and that creates a slice. This means that they are creating a flaw in their swing by aiming their body to the right.

What this boils down to, is that the inexperienced players’ bad swings make the ball go on target and their good swings make the ball end up in the trees, or bunker on the right of the target. They are seeing their good shots as bad shots and bad shots as good shots. If this is the case, the inexperienced player will never want to fix their swing flaws. If they don’t fix them, it means they will never reach their golfing potential. This is why alignment is the most important lesson in golf.

Check Your Alignment Before You Tee Off

In order to find out if you are a player that has swing flaws, you must check your alignment. To do this, all you have to do is pick out a target and do your normal set up. Once you feel like you are ready, lay a club down at your heels or toes. Then, step back about ten paces behind the ball to see where you are actually aimed. If the club you placed at your toes or heels is parallel left of your actual target, you have properly aligned yourself. If the club on the ground points to the right of your target you are misaligned.

If you find that you are misaligned, you must square up your stance. To do this, simply find a target in the distance to which you want to hit the ball. Take out two golf clubs that you rarely hit (i.e. 3 iron and 4 iron). Take the first club and lay it down directly at the target (you will have to step back a few paces to check this). Place the second club parallel to the first club on the ground. Now, take away the first club that is pointing at the target. You should have one club on the ground that is parallel to the left of your target. Tour players do this every time they practice.

Once you have the club on the ground parallel to your target line you have a guide to help you align your feet, knees, hip and shoulders squarely. If you aim your body squarely to the club on the ground and you hit the ball to the left of your target you have just found your “true” fault. Now you can begin to correct your swing.

According to the Rules of Golf, using a training aid such as alignment sticks will result in disqualification during tournament play, which means a faulty swing can resurface.

Pro Victory OPT Golf Ball Alignment Guide

alignment_guide_BWA foolproof way to improve your alignment off the tee is to use the Pro Victory OPT golf ball with its patented alignment guide. Use the T-Shot AssistTM guide printed on the ball to ensure you are properly aligned and square to your target every time. You can’t legally use two clubs to align yourself properly while playing a round of golf, but you can use the Pro Victory OPT golf ball–it is the only training aid that is legal to use on the course during play. Using the Pro Victory OPT golf ball will diminish perceptual errors and your alignment will improve every time you play!

Learning that you are misaligned can be quite shocking at first, but don’t think of it as a bad thing, consider the positive. You now know you have a swing flaw and you can take measures to correct it so that you can play even better golf in the future. Once you know you are aligned correctly, you will be able to identify what is actually flawed with your swing.

The LinksWalker ProVictory OPT golf ball is manufactured to optimize SPIN with maximum DISTANCE, while increasing accuracy by encouraging proper aiming techniques through use of our patented alignment guide.

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