2017 Golf Resolutions


For most people, New Year’s Resolutions only last the first week of January. In fact, only 8% of the people who make resolutions actually stick to them. Psychologist Paul Marciano says the key to keeping your resolutions involves creating an attainable goal, executing a thought-out strategy, and measuring progress along the way. Based on lessons we learned from 2016, we compiled a list of realistic Golf Resolutions that will land you on the fairway in 2017.

Play More

As of Dec. 18th, Barry Gibbons has played 843 rounds of golf in 2016 and has walked 6,155 miles. With time still remaining, he may accomplish his goal of playing 850 18-hole rounds within 365 days. For some golfers, that’s the equivalent to playing more than 20 times a year for 40 years. How many rounds of golf did you play this year? What’s your goal for next?

Live A Life Worth Living

arnold_palmerArnold Palmer passed away in September awaiting heart surgery. He will not only be remembered as a golf icon, but also for his amazing contributions to society. With 92 tournament victories under his belt, he went on to win the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his philanthropic work. Use 2017 to reassess the priorities in your life in order to achieve your desired goals.

Make A Come Back

We are all eagerly awaiting to see what 2017 holds for Tiger Woods. The 14 time major champion was forced to take a 15-month break while recovering from three back procedures. In December, Woods returned to golf at the Hero World Challenge, and his game was encouraging. Fans are optimistic that he will return again to greatness. If you experienced a setback in 2016, stay positive. A renewed dedication to the sport can often invigorate your game.

Be A Golf Ambassador

Trump golf properties span the US, Europe, and Dubai; these courses are about to become vastly more popular now that Trump is president-elect. Just before the winter holiday, Trump met with Tiger Woods at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach where they played a round of golf. While some presidents have received criticism in the past for enjoying this sport, the record-breaking television ratings for Olympic golf this summer show that interest in the game is definitely growing. Take this opportunity to invite novices out on the course to experience their first game.

Get Better With Age

Golf is the perfect sport because you can play it for the rest of your life and continuously improve. Take Bernhard Langer for example. At age 59, he just finished his best season in his nine-year senior career. Don’t let age be a deterrent from playing golf this year. If necessary, look into equipment designed for seniors. “I still think I can improve my golf game,” Langer said. “I’m convinced of that.” 

Be Yourself

In 2014, Andrew (Beef) Johnston was playing on the Challenge Tour and was worried about how he was going to buy presents for his family at Christmas. In just two short years, he has managed to earn a 2017 PGA Tour Card. Beef is noted for his shaggy hair, his laid-back personality and being himself. Other golfers try to model their games after the flavor-of-the-month, but Beef proves that being true to yourself wins out. This year, figure out the strengths of your golf game and hone in on those aspects. You’ll be glad you did!

Start Your Children Young

Teach Your Children Golf While They Are YoungPeople ask, when is the right age to teach my children to play golf? This might be the year to do it. Of the 33 different LPGA events during 2016, 16 of them were won by women age 21 and younger. Research shows that kids who are taught to play golf early, are more likely to play as adults. Many pro golfers start playing around age 8, however, Rory McIlroy actually started at 18 months old. Each child is different. It depends on how he or she responds to the training technique, the instructor, and the location of the golf course or putting green.

Try New Gear

Father's Day - GolferNike produced a number of innovative golf products over the years, including the cavity-back Slingshot irons, its square Sumo drivers that reached the USGA’s limit for moment of inertia, and Mojo golf balls that were marketed in a psychedelic box. Unfortunately, Nike had trouble adapting to the golf marketplace and they never quite figured out their target audience. As a consequence, Nike pulled out of the golf equipment business in 2016. While many are saddened by this decision, opportunity comes with change. Use 2017 to try new products, and perfect the contents of your golf bag.

LinksWalker Alignment Guide

If your golf resolutions involve testing new gear and improving your game, you’ll want to try LinksWalker golf balls. LinksWalker manufactures a USGA Conforming golf ball that has a patented alignment guide printed directly on the golf ball. We crossed a directional line, our logo, and an additional guideline to create an alignment guide that is guaranteed to improve your accuracy. LinksWalker golf balls are available in 200+ college and novelty designs, and come in an assortment of quantities.

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